Design and assembly of electrical cabinets

  • Design of electrical cabinets

    • Using the latest electrical design software technologies, we can improve the pre-assembly study to ensure proper distribution of the elements.
    • By making a 3D design of the electrical cabinet you can optimize the space and improve the thermodynamics to avoid future breakdowns.
  • Assembly of electrical cabinets

    • Taking care during the assembly of the electrical cabinets avoids labeling errors, improves the quality of the wiring and ensures a good assembly of the elements.
    • Performing a final FAT of the assembly we ensure that the electrical cabinet will be delivered to the customer in perfect condition and at full performance for installation.
  • We offer the final installation at site

    • If necessary, the installation of the electrical panel and its connection can be carried out, thus avoiding the interpolation of the technical elements and equipment.
  • To guarantee the best quality and the most optimal service, we have our own knowledge, tools and workshop

    • We have trained and experienced technicians to face any challenge in the most professional way, together with the necessary tools and a suitable space, it is the formula to always guarantee the best service.

PLC programming

  • Carrying out tailor-made projects, regardless of the sector or size

    • With extensive experience with PLC programming in different industrial sectors such as air conditioning, packaging or the pharmaceutical sector, we will be able to tackle any project.
    • The experience with the most well-known brands on the market, such as SIEMENS, Omron or Allen Bradley, allows us to be more dynamic and adaptive to any challenge.
  • Centralization of data with the possibility of local and / or remote visualization

    • With SCADA systems made to measure for the visualization and control of the facilities, locally and / or remotely.
    • The integration of data in the cloud for its automatic management, to have a better present and future control of the facilities.
  • Integration for machine communication

    • Machine-to-machine communication allows you to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase productivity.
    • Achieving a correct communication of needs between machines and integrating them in the same system increases and improves the control of these.
  • Improvement of existing facilities

    • Not only can a new installation be made better, existing facilities can be improved by reducing investment costs.
    • Improving existing facilities can reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs and increase control over them.
    • We can do an improvement study for free and without obligation.


  • Reduction of the complexity of the facilities

    • The reduction of electrical components and pneumatic hoses, leads to less effort in the planning, execution and commissioning of pneumatic systems.
    • Reducing complexity makes easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Ease of adaptation and modification of systems

    • It makes it easier to modify the solenoid valve group and the control program, making them ideal systems for change and adapting at all times to the needs of the installation.
  • Safety in assembly

    • Compressed air is a 100% safe system for people and machines, centralizing control elements and automating control, one of the safest and most effective systems on the market can be achieved.
  • Environmentally friendly

    • Pneumatic systems require low lubrication, thus reducing the consumption of oils that are harmful to the environment.
    • Being more environmentally friendly systems reduces electricity consumption.

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